My name is Estefani Rangel. I love drawing from an early age. I absolutely love spending time creating designs and illustrating. I’m always observing the world around me and trying to come up with a tiny fraction of its beauty through my art.

I worked as a Graphic Designer and Web Developer for 3 years at Fusion Cine. I helped to design their Magento e-commerce website with more than 10,000 products online, besides taking care of all the company’s marketing needs and updating prices from 40 different brands in endless Excel sheets.

I’ve worn many different hats: graphic designer, web designer, developer, administrative assistant, and project manager.

I’m quite flexible, I learn fast and put a lot of effort in everything I do.

I’m currently available for opportunities. If interested, please contact me via Linkedin or my contact form.

I hope you have a wonderful day!

Estefani Rangel