The main attraction of the Carnival of Ivrea in Italy is the Battle of the Oranges. This environment came from imagining how the aftermatch would look like in the morning after the event. There was no set concept art, the design came out as I studied references. I learned a lot from this project. Blending my own textures created on Substance Designer was fun and helped me understand that you can make a wall look a lot different just by using Vertex Painting.



Process Screenshots

After gathering enough reference, I started building a few blocks on Maya and bringing them to Unreal to have a sense of the size of the scene.

Then, I decided which elements would have tiling textures and baked textures. I started working on my hero props that would be close to the camera. These are a few screenshots on Zbrush.


To finalize, I worked on the blending of textures created on Designer. Setting up the materials and the lighting took great effort, but it was rewarding to see the final results.