Funny quotes



This website was created in 2012 with the main purpose of offering fresh content to users and become an extra source of income through Google Adsense via good SEO. I noticed by using Google Trends that more people were looking for this type of content, plus, it was a content easy to update, and plan the SEO.

Given that, I designed the layout and built a custom theme appropriated to the website needs, focusing in SEO and user experience. Another partner helping complementing the theme with functionalities like social media integration

Social networking was important to spread awareness of the website and help with SEO reach. Then, I constantly updated the Facebook profile with new content everyday, inspired by recent memes and twitter posts.


After months of work, the results started to come and within the first year, it was possible to achieve peaks of 6,000 viewers. No money invested, just good SEO and fresh content. In holidays, the page views usually jump to above 15,000 views a day.

Regarding social networking, Funny quotes has reached over 100,000 likes this year, with more space for improvement.

Funny quotes was and still is a project that proofed that hard work and perseverance can be decisive for achieving good results


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  • WordPress
  • Social Networking
  • Google Analytics