Soufeel Jewelry Ads


I worked for the Brazilian branch of a jewelry called Soufeel. During 7 months in 2015, I was responsible for their Social Media Networking.

My responsibilities were creating images, interacting with the public, and photographing the jewelry pieces.

Besides the graphics design experience gained, I also could learn more about Social Media Networking and Web Marketing. I studied the type of content that had a better response by the audience. I've noticed that the images with more contrast and within a certain context would score better results, as well as posting certain times during the day. I was also requested to help with Google Adwords, and monitor the website metrics via Google Analytics to verify the social media leads.

It was a great experience to learn more about the audience behavior, and practice my graphic skills.


  • Social Media Networking
  • Web Marketing
  • Photography
  • Image cropping
  • Photo Effects
  • Tracing Vectors
  • Layers, masks and blend mode